Business Solutions

Interactive is committed to delivering reliable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain business solutions.

Interactive IT and infrastructure solutions are designed and implemented to maximize efficiency, reduce duplication, enhance data security, and minimize workflow disruptions. Software, web, and database applications will meet the demands of your business while enhancing the speed and integrity of your workflow process.

Interactive solutions begin with a workflow analysis to ensure that the solution you want is the solution you need.  Input is gathered from every level of your organization so that all procedures are captured from entry level to executive.

Software solutions are tested offline to correct errors and engage employees in the fine-tuning process before full implementation.  Employee training is considered the key to successful software implementation.

Routine support services after product initiation include refresher training for low-frequency tasks, full training sessions for new employees, and product installation on new hardware.

Recent projects have invloved custom solutions for automation of services (sales force, plant/warehouse, call center, field service, human resources), vehicle tracking/dispatch, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, document management, ERP solutions, enterprise collaboration tools, and e-commerce systems.

Interactive will develop the solution that is right for your business.