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Visual Enhancements (8/19/2011)

Color Adjustment

Color schemes have been updated to provide for more contrast and the standard IJJIS grid now have an alternating row color.

Grid Layout

The case listing on the Client Manager screen has been rearranged to display more information for users with narrow displays.

On the Case Manager, The Proceeding, Filing, Notices, Bench Warrants, Attached Documents, Notes and Fees grids have been expanded to full width to allow for more information to be displayed without wrapping. 

New Display Fields

The Proceeding grid now displays the Presiding Judge. 

The Notice grid now includes Service Result, Service Date, Proceeding and Proceeding Date. 

The Filing grid now displays the text entered into the filing note field, the filing time, and the reference date and time.

The charge grid now includes the charge modifier.